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Better Quality Sleep = Better Leader

What do Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have in common?  Beyond being some of the most well-known country and business leaders, they share the belief that adequate rest and sleep is vital to being able to lead and perform their best.    Sleep positively impacts our human capacities […]

5 Strategies for Adapting to Change

We have been forced to change the way we live and work. Most of us are working remotely and spending more time together than we ever imagined with those who share our home. We cannot avoid this change (crisis) in our lives. Our government has mandated “social-distancing” and implemented numerous Executive Orders to shelter in […]

Using DISC to Power and Support your Remote Team

Knowing your team’s DISC assessment results is always beneficial since you can tailor everything from assignments to workstations to match your worker’s skill sets and preferences. For remote workers, the knowledge imparted by a DISC assessment is even more meaningful. You’ll know how much support, attention and feedback each member will need, and even get […]

5 Ways to Lead through Ambiguity

More than ever, we are faced with VUCA times!  VUCA stands for… Volatile – ever-changing Uncertain – we can’t predict the future Complex – there are many interconnected factors Ambiguous – there are many interpretations These are the conditions we find ourselves in these unprecedented times. Consider for a moment amid all that is COVID-19 […]