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5 Ways to Help Your Employees Manage Re-entry Anxiety

As many states are set to reopen, employers are developing new procedures to keep their teams and customers safe. While this includes a lot of logistical planning, the physical well-being of employees is not the only thing to consider. Employees will have different emotional and psychological responses to these changes. Regrettably, mental and emotional health […]

3 Tips for Successfully Leading Your Team Back to the Office

Reopening and going back to your workplace does not mean going ‘back to normal’– the workplace post-pandemic has forever changed.  Here are some Situational Leadership strategies that will leaders navigate “re-boarding” the new processes and expectations for how people will return to the workplace. 1. Reflect and Recalibrate. Businesses had to react almost immediately to […]

Trust Powers Productivity and Reveals Gaps

Trust fuels productivity. The key to having a productive organization is having a trusting organization. Trust says:  “I think you are smart enough to know what to do and how to do it, and if you screw up, I think you’ll tell me and then fix it.” Trust says:  “If there is a gap between […]

Listening is an Action – Will you Listen to Create Change?

Black Lives Matter  At Aha! Leadership we stand in support with all humanity. In light of recent events, we unite with the black community and recognize that racism is real.  Leaders must lead by being willing to engage in uncomfortable conversations that drive change. The next right step is to listen and learn.  There is a difference between […]

Better Quality Sleep = Better Leader

What do Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have in common?  Beyond being some of the most well-known country and business leaders, they share the belief that adequate rest and sleep is vital to being able to lead and perform their best.    Sleep positively impacts our human capacities […]