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The Counterintuitive Wisdom You Need to Get People to Embrace Change

Common wisdom in management science and practice has it that to build support for a change project, visionary leadership is needed to outline what is wrong with the current situation. By explaining how the envisioned change will result in a better and more appealing future, leaders can overcome resistance to change. But research leads us to add a very important caveat to this.

6 Tips to Help Your Team Burn Bright Instead of Burning Out

Organizational leaders may say they are committed to employee well-being, but unintentional messages and behaviors can signal otherwise, leading employees at all levels to default to their draining routines. How we leverage time and calendars can be a powerful, reinforcing message around valuing resilience and recharge. Six ideas to get started are: Create a daily […]

Refreshing your Work from Home Routine

Judy Rathwell, Project Director-Aha! Leadership I am a morning person and enjoy quick news soundbites, such as ‘The Skimm’ daily email.  This appeared in a ‘Skimmed from the Couch’ January issue, and worth a repeat.  As many continue to navigate WFH from novelty to the status quo, here are  9 tips and tricks that may […]

5 Ways to Improve Remote Performance Evaluation Discussions

As we enter a new year, organizations continue to adjust to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, including an extension of work-from-home policies for many employees. As more time goes on between “what used to be” and “the new normal,” the need to establish updated procedures for employee-performance conversations has become imperative. Employee performance conversations […]

8 Ways to Develop Millennial Leaders

Millennials are working their way into management and leadership positions. In fact, by 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce. They have a unique opportunity to learn critical things from previous generations that have tenured leadership experience under their belts. Here are eight pieces of wisdom that are essential for new […]

Gratitude is Important in Difficult Times

Many things this year have been different than we’ve expected. It’s been a year of constant stressors, changes, and adjustments we never thought we’d have to make. I think we can all agree—it’s been a really difficult year. And it’s okay for gratitude to look a bit different this year too. Although expressing gratitude is […]