We believe everyone should have the privilege to work for a great leader.

Great leaders inspire and challenge people to do and be their best…and they are the foundation of a profitable company.

Strong leadership is the fuel that drives business results.

For nearly 15 years, we’ve been providing leadership training that develops leaders worth following so that these leaders can drive results for their companies.

Engaging training experiences develop and motivate leaders to become leaders worth following.

The best part? All of this creates a more enjoyable place to work, attracting and retaining the best talent.

Meet our team


Trustworthy. Knowledgeable. Ownership

Our experienced facilitators and coaches have 20 to 30 years of real-life leadership experience, making our programs relatable to our clients.

Robyn Marcotte

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Genuine.

Judy Rathwell

Proactive. Collaborative. Organized.

Terry Niles

Strategic. Passionate. Authentic.

Stephanie Gibbons

Enthusiastic. Collaborative. Driven.

Ann Davis

Enthusiastic. Driven. Effective.

Annette Avery

Systemic. Considerate. Focused.

Kelsey Nicholson

Adventurous. Empathetic. Humorous.

Gordy Marcotte

Conscientious. Supportive. Dependable

Candi Reyes

Collaborative. Genuine. Effective

Erin Wills

Collaborative. Empathetic. Visionary.

Nycole Kelly

Creative. Resilient. Empowering.

Luis Morató*

Analytic. Logical. Personable.

Shane Blackmer

Genuine. Supportive. Reliable.

Lucy Botello*

Reliable. Congruent. Authentic.

Janie Brill

Founder, Linx Consulting, LLC


Linda Taliaferro

Founder, The Extra Effort (TEE)


Why Choose Aha! Leadership?

  • Our unique ability to connect and motivate people across industries (Financial, Franchise Food, Legal, Automotive, Medical, Insurance, Veterinary Medicine, and Manufacturing).
  • Our services are 100% guaranteed – A successful outcome is the only option. If a customer is not happy with the results, we will make it right!

  • Our experienced facilitators and coaches have 20 to 30 years of real-life leadership experience, making our programs relatable to our clients.

Our Story

Aha! Leadership was inspired by a simple, yet powerful quote in a painting from Robyn Marcotte’s office: “It’ll cost nothing to dream and everything not to!”

In 2007, while attending a conference where Robyn was recognized as one of the “Most Influential Women”, she experienced her own Aha!: Don’t underestimate the power of networking! People you don’t even know can change your life.

At that conference, Robyn met two amazing women; their conversation sparked a connection that would change the course of her professional life.

With a desire to create balance between the personal and professional worlds, Robyn envisioned a leadership development business that would maximize every company’s most valuable asset – their people!

In 2008,with that goal in mind, and as a result of Robyn’s own Aha! Moment…Aha! Leadership was born.

we care

Supporting our next generation

We have been blessed and feel it’s our responsibility to give our time, talent, and treasure to help the next generation have the basics to learn and grow.

what our clients are saying

“It was exciting to feel the energy in the room and watch the synergy of me and my colleagues working together in a way that just clicked. Aha! Leadership truly brought out the best in us and gave us the chance to learn how to use the materials beyond the workshop.”

Senior Leader

International Chemical Company

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on the micro training you did for the group of mostly “D” engineers over the past 8 sessions! Your leadership, work ethic, and ability to adapt to my group were outstanding.”

Vice President

Automotive Supplier

“Your entire team is wonderful to work with. You made scheduling, planning, and communicating my leadership training series so easy. It was refreshing not to have to worry about all of the details. Thank you for your professionalism!”

HR Executive


Let's Work Together!