We have re-engineered learning for today’s workforce

Twice a year we offer programs for your leaders to learn and practice practical leadership lessons in a trusted cohort small group environment.

We have proven that three key components improve performance:

Learn, Do, Teach

  • Learn: Engaging interactive experiences with time between sessions for application
  • Do: Providing simple tools which motivate learners to use immediately
  • Teach: Motivate leaders to share the training and tools with each member of their team to multiply the impact.

Ready to develop your people and grow your business?

Our top-notch facilitators deliver an experience that your team will love!

Open Enrollment

Twice a year we offer programs for your leaders to learn and practice practical leadership lessons in a trusted cohort small group environment.

Growth Group

High-Potential Executive Training

Growth Groups uniquely build valuable exposure and networking for greater perspective, expertise, and support that can last for years to come.

  • Eight-month cohort, designed for leaders at a director level or above
  • Groups kept small, with no more than two participants per company to maximize confidentiality and encourage collaboration
  • Features training with strong accountability

Next Level Leadership

Management Fundamentals for leaders of all levels

This 3-day program is packed full of leadership assessments and 7 vital leadership skills all leaders need to be effective.

  • Designed for any potential or current leader
  • Main areas of focus include understanding relationships and mindsets, understanding ourselves and others, handling conflict and feedback
  • Discounted rate per participant when you send more than one leader from your organization
When is the next training session?

We offer this twice per year in the spring (March/April) and Fall (Sept/Oct). Please see the current registration form for the next session or please contact Stephanie@ahaleadership.com.

Is there a discount for enrolling multiple people?

Yes, and we encourage you to enroll more than one person. Companies that send two or more people see that the concepts are retained and have a positive impact on the organization as well as the participant.

How large are your classes?

We limit each of our sessions to 20 learners. We strive to create an environment where learners feel comfortable engaging in the training.

Where is the training located?

Currently, we are offering two options – Virtual and In-person in Southfield, MI.


Did you know adults tend to retain only 10% of what they hear in lectures, but more than 66% through learning by doing?

Our group training is built for learning that lasts, providing space to practice new skills in real-time.

We have over 50 modules and our most popular topics are:

  • Communication: Working Effectively with Others (DiSC)
  • Conflict Management
  • Setting Expectations and Holding Yourself and Others Accountable
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Vital Conversations
  • Development a Leadership Mindset
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace
How long is each module?

We partner with you to determine what is best for your team. Most of our training sessions are between 90 min and 4 hours each

Will you customize your material to fit our needs? Our company and culture are unique.

Of course! We make sure that each of our modules ties in activities that tie in with your culture and work environment.

Do you offer virtual training?

Yes! Our customers love the fact that we have been training virtually for years! And, our training is highly engaging and interactive. This is not your typical online training.


Leadership effectiveness is determined by just two things: the decisions your leaders make and their ability to influence others. Let us help your leaders develop these skills.

Coaching focuses on developing leaders 1:1, yet the results multiply and benefit the entire organization.

This might be the right solution for:

  • Leaders that need to develop specific leadership skills, executive presence, innovation, or strategic thinking.
  • Leaders that need to develop and maintain a cohesive team, effectively deal with conflict, and improve professional relationships.
  • Leaders working toward a professional goal (such as the next promotion) or those entering a new role, company, or industry.
What is your process?

Our proven Coaching Process works for leaders at all levels.

We create a custom curriculum of ten, 60-minutes sessions to meet your individual development objectives.

Who do you coach?

We coach all levels of leaders from C-Suite Executives to front-line managers. The key is matching you with the right coach for your unique need.

What experience do your coaches have?

Our coaches have 20 – 30 years of real-life leadership experience across several industries, providing you with relatable, actionable, and proven insights that drive results. Ask us for references! Our clients are happy to share their experience with Aha! Leadership’s one-to-one coaching. Meet Our Team

Key Tools

Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team are the foundation of our leadership material.

Strong leaders are self-aware and understand what makes others tick. Using this knowledge to foster productivity and teamwork achieves results.

We weave these concepts into everything we do.


what our clients are saying

“It was exciting to feel the energy in the room and watch the synergy of me and my colleagues working together in a way that just clicked. Aha! Leadership truly brought out the best in us and gave us the chance to learn how to use the materials beyond the workshop.”

Senior Leader

International Chemical Company

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on the micro training you did for the group of mostly “D” engineers over the past 8 sessions! Your leadership, work ethic, and ability to adapt to my group were outstanding.”

Vice President

Automotive Supplier

“Your entire team is wonderful to work with. You made scheduling, planning, and communicating my leadership training series so easy. It was refreshing not to have to worry about all of the details. Thank you for your professionalism!”

HR Executive


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