Terry is…Strategic. Passionate. Authentic.

Terry has over twenty years’ experience as an Executive, working in both the public and private sectors. She is an excellent listener who can “bridge the gap” between different constituents within an organization; the board and the corporation, management and employees, customers and team members and technology and business.

Terry began her career in Information Technology and was very effective at communicating and interpreting the needs of business users as well as the technical team, quickly becoming the CIO of a multi-organization company. Her technical expertise has served her well throughout her career and she continues to assist management teams and technology teams work effectively.

Her industry background is diverse. As the senior executive in a service organization, she had to learn her clients’ industries and markets in order to offer them exceptional value and drive successful programs. She understands the nuances of several major vertical markets and helps her clients learn from the experiences of other companies and markets.

Examples of key work Terry has done for corporations: developed employee enrichment programs, Key Person Program, Educate to Innovate programs, corporate strategy development and an organization restructuring which resulted in a $8M cost reduction with negative impact on the company’s culture or client relationships. As a consultant, Terry has been an interim-COO, interim-Chief Strategist and CMO.