Do your one-on-ones feel aimless?
Not sure if they’re making a difference?

There’s some solid science that says you shouldn’t give them up anytime soon. Harvard Business Review reports that employees of managers who don’t have 1:1 meetings are:

  • 4 times as likely to be disengaged
  • 2 times as likely to view leadership more unfavorably compared to those who meet with their managers regularly

One-on-one meetings can offer boosts to retention and productivity. They can align your team to a common goal. But how do you know if you’re doing it right? 

Consistency is key. Pick a framework that works for your context and stick to it. Structuring your one-on-ones creates predictability and can take a good deal of emotion out of the equation. Looking for a guide to kickstart your feedback sessions?

Follow this easy, printable PDF from Small Giants Community to keep meetings on track.