Rob is…Confident. Driven. Dynamic.

Rob is a compassionate individual who believes great leadership is demonstrated by challenging team members to see beyond what they think is possible and inspiring them to achieve both individual and team success.

In addition, he also believes Leadership is not hierarchal, but a shared journey that requires building relationships with your team that are based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

Rob has 27 years of diverse leadership experience, ranging from small to several thousand-member teams in both private and public entities. He has lead numerous independent business functions and multifaceted business units across global organizations.

Rob has had three distinct phases of his career. The first started in capital markets as a Risk Arbitrage Trader and Portfolio Manager. While this was an exciting time, his desire to work in a broader team environment led him into the corporate world after receiving his MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

In the corporate environment, his career prospered through increasingly larger leadership roles. By immersing himself in the day-to-day business operations and constantly striving to improve his own leadership skills, he transformed his capabilities from a finance focus to broad business leadership. During this period, he led global functions in Finance, Procurement, Operations and Engineering. He also lived abroad serving business unit leadership roles in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America; ultimately reaching the role of President of a multi-billion-dollar global company.

Now in the third phase of his career, Rob is following his true passion of helping people. By drawing on his prior experiences, he provides insight, counsel and coaching to individuals and companies aiming to reach their fullest potential. Rob finds this to be the most personally fulfilling phase of his career.

Personally, Rob is an avid outdoorsman that favors camping, hunting and hiking with his family. He can often be found traveling in his motorhome with his wife and three girls exploring new geographies.

While not working or traveling with his family, Rob has an insatiable appetite to constantly learn and grow in his leadership capabilities. He is an avid reader of leadership books and spends significant time mentoring young individuals that are just beginning their own journeys in life.