More than ever, we are faced with VUCA times!  VUCA stands for…

Volatile – ever-changing

Uncertain – we can’t predict the future

Complex – there are many interconnected factors

Ambiguous – there are many interpretations

These are the conditions we find ourselves in these unprecedented times. Consider for a moment amid all that is COVID-19 that the last thing we want from anybody we look to for leadership right now is social distance. Physical distance—absolutely! Social distance—absolutely not!

What can we do as leaders, colleagues, employees, to help ourselves and others through this?

  1. Extend Trust – as we and our team members learn the new normal of working conditions, understand there will be a dip in performance at first.   The team will adjust and don’t assume they are not working if they don’t pick up the phone or respond to a ping immediately.  We did not expect this before when we were all in the office together, so extend it here even while captive at home. 
  2. Be vulnerable!  Let them know you have some anxiety too, but that you are there for them and believe in your team to get everyone through this.
  3. Set expectations daily/weekly, yet be flexible.  Team members may have uncertainty with priorities and what to focus on….and you have as well.  Discuss and help prioritize together – and be crystal clear on your expectations.  Let your team know you understand they may have distractions at home and that traditional ‘normal’ working hours may look different right now. 
  4. Stay connected!  Use a virtual tool and meet with your team and colleagues ‘face to face’ by conducting a video conference.  The impact of seeing your face is powerful to them feeling your support.
  5. Support each other…upward, downward and cross-functionally.  Connect with each other and share challenges and practices that are working for you and learn from others.  It’s easier than ever to be “silo’ed”.  Don’t let it happen.

As you have heard on the news, “we are in this together.”  Aha! Leadership is in this with you as well.  Reach out to us if there is any way we can support your team through this transition.

“Don’t GO through this adversity, GROW through this adversity!” – Darren Hardy